Struggling to choose between JPG and PNG? This guide explains the key differences and gives you step-by-step instructions for converting JPG to PNG on any device, whether you’re a Windows, Mac, or Linux user. Learn how to use built-in tools, free image editors, and online converters, and discover handy tips for batch processing and transparency.

Understanding JPG and PNG

  • JPG (JPEG): Great for photographs and images with many colors. Uses “lossy” compression (some quality is lost) for smaller file sizes.
  • PNG: Ideal for images with sharp lines, text, or where you need transparency. Uses “lossless” compression (no quality loss).

Why convert?

  • To use PNG’s transparency features.
  • To reduce file size slightly (if the quality loss of JPG is acceptable).
  • To meet specific file format requirements of websites or applications.


  • Method 1: Microsoft Paint
    1. Right-click on your JPG file.
    2. Select “Open With” -> “Paint.”
    3. Click “File” -> “Save As.”
    4. Choose “PNG picture” from the “Save as type” dropdown.
    5. Pick a filename, location, and click “Save.”
  • Method 2: Free Image Editors
    • GIMP, IrfanView, and others offer more control over the conversion process. Instructions are easily searchable online.
  • Method 3: Online Converters
    • Numerous websites offer free conversion. Simply upload your JPG, and download the PNG version.


  • Method 1: Preview
    1. Open your JPG file with Preview.
    2. Click “File” -> “Export.”
    3. In the format dropdown, select “PNG”.
    4. Choose a file name, location, and click “Save.”
  • Method 2: Free Image Editors
    • GIMP is a popular choice for macOS users.
  • Method 3: Online Converters
    • Same options as Windows users.


  • Method 1: ImageMagick (Command Line)
    1. Open a terminal window.
    2. Use the following command: convert input.jpg output.png
  • Method 2: Free Image Editors
    • GIMP provides a graphical interface for image editing and conversion.
  • Method 3: Online Converters

Batch Conversion

  • ImageMagick is powerful for batch conversion from the command line.
  • Some online converters offer batch conversion features as well.

Additional Tips

  • Be mindful of transparency if you need it – JPG doesn’t support it!
  • Experiment to find the best balance between file size and image quality.